Part of the year I spend living in Ibiza. This offers me the opportunity to document this magical island from my perspective. Because I want to share the beauty and positive energy of Ibiza, I have bundled my photos into this stylish Ibiza coffee table book.

All photos were taken with my mobile phone. After all, I always carry my phone with me, so I can capture the most spontaneous and unique images.

I also spend a year travelling the island – on foot and by car, motorbike, boat and bicycle – in order to take great shots. The colours and light on the island are just so beautiful that I deliberately chose not to edit any of the photo’s using a colour filter. So, pure Ibiza.

Enjoy this ‘happy feeling book’ with photos or details that you might even recognize, along with hidden gems and authentic Ibiza scenes. The book has a unique cover with a ‘window’.