SEEN IN IBIZA - Bracelet


At the inspiring place Ibiza, the idea arose to design & make an 'Ibiza bracelet'. Not with feathers, beads, string or stones... but something else. And voilà, this is my design and the result! A stylish, sturdy, cuff bracelet with (in a subtle way) the letters IBIZA incorporated. A real eye-catcher!

Due to its shape, the bracelet fits (almost) every wrist.

It is available in a fashionable, chic version of matte 18k gold, matte rosé or matte silver and a striking, tough version of matte rhodium black (anthracite) or pure black. The base is stainless steel. Dimensions of the bracelet: width 4 cm, oval diameter of 6 cm by 5 cm and an opening of 3 cm. You can make the opening bigger or smaller by bending it.

The quality is very high, and this material does not or rarely cause an allergic reaction.
The Ibiza bracelet is stylishly packaged in a SEEN IN IBIZA jewelry box.