Silvie Nollen

introduction silvie nollen

I'm Silvie Nollen - creator and publisher of SEEN IN IBIZA.

Part of the year I spend living in Ibiza. This offers me the opportunity to document this magical island from my perspective. Because I want to share the beauty and positive energy of Ibiza, I have bundled my photos into this stylish Ibiza coffee table book.

All photos were taken with my mobile phone. After all, I always carry my phone with me, so I can capture the most spontaneous and unique images. I also spend a year travelling the island – on foot and by car, motorbike, boat and bicycle – in order to take great shots. The colours and light on the island are just so beautiful that I deliberately chose not to edit any of the photo’s using a colour filter. So, pure Ibiza.

Enjoy this ‘happy feeling book’ with photos or details that you might even recognize, along with hidden gems and authentic Ibiza scenes.

"Silvie Nollen takes you on a journey through Ibiza.
More than 300 pages of pictures of this island at its best… I am already looking forward to going there again.”
Stephanie van Dijck, freelance reviewer