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Coffee table book


What is a coffee table book

SEEN IN IBIZA is a stylish Ibiza coffee table book. But what is a coffee table book? A coffee table book is a book with a luxurious look & feel and full of photos or with photos and texts. A coffee table book is often larger than a regular book and too large for a standard bookcase. A coffee table book is usually put on a (coffee) table. This way you can easily pick up the book and browse through it or you can put it on the coffee table just to show the book. And this is all certainly possible with the glossy book SEEN IN IBIZA! This photo book has a unique cover, a beautiful, large size of 27x27cm, a weight of almost 3 kilos and with 312 pages SEEN IN IBIZA is a really trendy coffee table book. With this special "Ibiza book" you simply bring a bit of Ibiza into your home!

Real eye catcher

Because of the unique cover of SEEN IN IBIZA (with a window in it and IBIZA printed in a gold foil), this Ibiza book is a real eye-catcher for every interior. You can put the book on a table or in a nice book holder. If you don't have a book holder, it is also nice to put the book open. This way you can enjoy Es Vedra one day and a dolphin in your living room the next day. Another nice detail is the fuchsia pink ribbon. This color matches well with the bougainvillea flowers printed on the back of the book. The inside of the book is full of colourful photos. The pages are specially designed and because the photos are unedited, this book shows Ibiza in its purest way.

The perfect present

This timeless coffee table book is also an ideal gift for your loved ones, family, friends, as a promotional gift or just as a present to yourself! Of course a perfect gift for all Ibiza lovers, but certainly also for people who have never been to Ibiza, but appreciate a stylish addition to their interior. All in all, this Ibiza book fits on everybody's wish list.

"This is THE example of a coffee table book because of the special cover
and the beautiful illustrations that immediately take you to magical Ibiza. ”
Jan Loeffen, Retail Manager Designer Outlet Roermond